By Day: Eric has been part of the Norcom family for just over a year, but has been in the industry for over 12. As a Loan Officer at our Avon office, Eric works diligently to make sure his files are clean, that all borrower documents are received and accounted for, and that a plan is place to spend time networking and meeting with real estate colleagues on a regular basis. He mostly works with the processing and underwriting departments as they are critical in getting his loans closed on time and making sure the clients he has are happy customers. Eric feels the support he receives from upper management at Norcom is critical to his success. He values their commitment to providing continuing education, training, and business development support.

By Night: Eric is committed to his clients and often times will spend time at night helping them work through the mortgage process. Once he feels they are moving forward with confidence, he will put on his Dad hat and play with his two year old son, Ethan. He also loves to help his wife with dinner. When all is quiet at the end of the evening, Eric will enjoy at least one hour of Netflix. With an active two year old, most of Eric’s life is scheduled around nap time, but he gets out to golf whenever he can. He also spends time visiting his family, skiing, playing tennis, camping, and boating. Most people don’t know that Eric has a passion for nature shows and has often dreamt of becoming a wildlife photographer.