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Why choose Norcom’s JumpStart Pre-Approval Program when looking for a house?

The Norcom JumpStart pre-approval program allows you to tackle the loan process before you even start house hunting, so you can shop with total Norconfidence. Every JumpStart pre-approval is reviewed by an underwriter to prepare you for success and get you closer to finding the right home for you and your family

Knowledge is Key: JumpStart pre-approval gives you an idea of how much you can afford before buying a home.

Improve Your Negotiating Position: When a seller is comparing two offers and one of the buyers has been pre-approved, there is a high confidence level that the deal will go through and close sooner.

Confidence in Your Offer: Knowing that your key information has been reviewed by an underwriter ahead of time will give you, and the seller, confidence.

Time is Valuable: A JumpStart Pre-Approval will help your realtor find the perfect house in your price range - saving you time and frustration.

Move in Quicker: Having a pre-approval will save you time when you submit your loan for approval. The faster you close, the quicker you can move into your new home!

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