By Day By Night: Kim Cyr

May 24
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By Day: Kim is new to the Norcom team and has been with us for a few months acting as Sales Manager in our Glastonbury, CT office. Her daily goal is to reach at least five contacts through calls, emails, and getting out on the road to visit referral sources and find new business opportunities. Being new, Kim has found the support of the IT and Marketing Departments invaluable and she learns the ropes. She loves the collaborative community at Norcom and finds it refreshing that if she needs help working through a loan scenario, she can simply walk over to speak with the Underwriting Department who is always more than willing to help. You can often find Kim at any number of networking events as she is constantly working to get out and make new business connections.

By Night: Kim recently bought a new home so she is currently occupied with decorating it and exploring the new surroundings with her two dogs, Meaty and Kali. Her two children bring her the most joy in life. Her son is a US Marine Vet and her daughter had an exciting amateur Motocross career which took the family on extensive travel. Kim spends her free time supporting military families through a variety of online communities, serves as the Deputy Treasurer for Eastford, CT, and enjoys riding motorcycles. She loves going to live concerts and spending time at any beach she can get to, including a recent trip to Hawaii. Most people don’t know that while she does not actually fish, she hosts a huge open house party for family and friends on opening day of fishing seasons and considers it one of her favorite traditions.

Winning a Bidding War

May 15
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Today’s market has buyers bidding against each other for a low inventory of desirable homes. As if the prospect of buying a home wasn’t stressful enough, waiting to find out if your offer was accepted can heighten the emotions and make the waiting unbearable. Luckily, there are things you can do to better your chances of winning a bidding war.

Use a Pre-approval Letter:

A pre-approval letter is different than being pre-qualified. A pre-qualification verifies your income and how much your bank might lend you based on your credit. A pre-approval letter means that your lender has essentially underwritten your application and it is simply pending an appraisal. Submitting your financing documents to your lender before making any offers will allow you to act quickly when you are ready to make an offer on a new house.

Start with Your Best Offer:

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, which is why you should submit your best offer up front if possible. By doing your research and determining the value of comparable homes in the neighborhood, you can present an accurate and competitive offer. In an extremely competitive market, most houses will sell for over the asking price, so be sure to factor that into the price of the home you are considering.

Limit Your Demands:

Sellers want clean offers; not those that come with a lot of demands or contingencies. For example, if you can avoid asking the seller to cover your closing costs, or trying to get them to make repairs as part of the negotiations, you might have a better chance of having your offer accepted. Sellers have the advantage in a multiple-bid situation and the less complicated you make yours, the more likely they are to say yes.

Give the Seller More Time:

If you can be flexible with your moving timeline, it might give you the competitive edge to offer the seller more time to move out of the home. Not only will they be selling at a price they are comfortable with, but they now have the added bonus of making their own move less stressful. You can offer to have the seller rent back the home for a period of time, or push back the closing date.

Make it Personal:

It may seem silly, but some buyers are swayed by the personal touch of a hand written letter expressing why their home is perfect for you. You can introduce yourself in the letter, tell the seller all about your family, the things you love about the house, and the memories you hope to create there. If the seller is sentimental, they might appreciate the personal touch you’ve added to your offer and feel better knowing who is going to be living in their home.

Stay in Touch:

Even if you find yourself on the losing end of a bidding war, have your realtor keep in touch. A lot of things can happen between an accepted offer and the actual closing. If your offer was in top consideration, you might win out in the end should the initial buyer have complications

By Day: Eric has been part of the Norcom family for just over a year, but has been in the industry for over 12. As a Loan Officer at our Avon office, Eric works diligently to make sure his files are clean, that all borrower documents are received and accounted for, and that a plan is place to spend time networking and meeting with real estate colleagues on a regular basis. He mostly works with the processing and underwriting departments as they are critical in getting his loans closed on time and making sure the clients he has are happy customers. Eric feels the support he receives from upper management at Norcom is critical to his success. He values their commitment to providing continuing education, training, and business development support.

By Night: Eric is committed to his clients and often times will spend time at night helping them work through the mortgage process. Once he feels they are moving forward with confidence, he will put on his Dad hat and play with his two year old son, Ethan. He also loves to help his wife with dinner. When all is quiet at the end of the evening, Eric will enjoy at least one hour of Netflix. With an active two year old, most of Eric’s life is scheduled around nap time, but he gets out to golf whenever he can. He also spends time visiting his family, skiing, playing tennis, camping, and boating. Most people don’t know that Eric has a passion for nature shows and has often dreamt of becoming a wildlife photographer.

As we picked up the pizza boxes the steam of bubbly mozzarella and tomato sauce filled the air. Once the boxes were opened we knew it didn’t stand a chance…

It had a crispy thin crust but was not overdone.


The perfect amount of seasoning and fresh herbs was blended into the cheese. The Mozz was a little greasy but not to the point where it was dripping off the slice.  


The sauce was tangy yet sweet at the same time. Small bits of fresh tomato scattered the slice.


This may be our first review but we’re setting the bar high with an A-

And just like that, the snow has disappeared and we are moving at rapid speed towards the end of the school year and warm summer months. If you have been thinking of planning a summer vacation, there’s still time to save and book a great deal. By following some of these tips, you should be able to get to your ideal destination, whether it’s local, or international.

Be Flexible

Let the destinations and resorts compete for your business. By being flexible on where you will travel, you have the luxury of choosing the best deal. The spontaneity of not knowing where you’re headed can be fun!

Set a Goal

Even saving for two months can give you a head start on diminishing the costs of travel. Set a realistic budget and book your location and amenities with confidence that you aren’t going overboard.

All Inclusive All the Way

Pricing packages makes planning easy and many resort vacation destinations offer an all-inclusive option. Many resorts offer child daycare or so the adults can enjoy some down time by themselves. You can eat, drink, and enjoy your trip all for the best price.

Know the Trends

Determine peak tourist times for each destination you are considering and avoid the crowds. Research any special events that are scheduled like festivals, sports tournaments, and concerts to be sure you are avoiding a rise in pricing due to an expected increase in tourists.

Save on Flights

Another way to be flexible is to shift your flights to mid-week instead of weekends. Tuesdays and Wednesdays have been proven the best days to travel for international flights.

Compare Perks

From room upgrades, to freebies, compare the extras that come with each destination or hotel and see what’s included in your costs. Many hotels offer small perks that don’t cost them much to enhance your experience and entice travelers.

Wherever you decide to travel this summer, you’ll have an even better time knowing you are getting the most for your money!

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