How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Apr 23
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If you are looking to sell now, or down the road, it can be challenging to know where exactly to invest your money to increase the value and appeal of your home. By following some of these strategies, you should be able to get a good return on investment and have success with moving on to your next location.

Staging and Cleaning: Start with the basics and work diligently to declutter and clean your home. This is something you can do on your own with help from friends that does not cost anything. Throw out old papers, donate dated furniture that you don’t need, organize cabinets, closets, etc.

From there, look to stage your home. Realtors are a great resource of recommendations for how to best organize your furniture layout to make the biggest impact. You can also hire a professional to stage for you. This service is very different from decorating or designing and does not necessarily mean you need to paint or buy all new furniture. It’s simply about making your home appear more neutral and allowing a buyer to visualize their family in the home.

Work on Curb Appeal: You only have the first impression to get a buyer interested in your home so why not start with the outside; the first glimpse of the house they will get. Your outdoor space is free extra square footage and you want to make it look as appealing as possible. Even if you don’t have a lot of money for plantings, new stonework, new outdoor furniture, or paint, at the bare minimum focus on the entrance. Brighten it up with flowers or plants that trim the walkway and make sure the walk from the car to the front door looks as good as it can.

Invest in the Top Two: The two most important rooms in your home are your kitchen and your bathroom. If you have a limited budget of time or finances, you must get these spaces done to the best of your ability. Even if you can only afford a fresh coat of paint, it will make a big impact. Be sure to stick to a neutral palette with any changes you make to these rooms. The worst is when you invest in renovations and the new buyer does not like the style you chose.

Photography: With online listings being the popular place to search for new homes, make sure you have great photos of the interior of your home to nail that first impression. The easy solution is to a hire a real estate photographer, but if you really can’t afford to do that, there are free photo editing apps available like VSCO that can make a big impact.

No matter which of these tips you choose to apply to the sale of your home, it’s important to evaluate which projects you can do yourself and which are wroth investing in a professional’s help. Even though taking on projects alone can save money, if they are done poorly, the buyer will notice.

By Day: Anita is the Branch Manager of our Southbury. CT location and has been with Norcom since June of 2017. She divides her day into a schedule she can manage, which consists of spending time outside of the office making sales calls, attending business development functions, working on client qualifications, and gathering closing conditions for her loans. Anita works closely with the processing, underwriting, and closing departments and values the level of communication available to her as she oversees all of her branch loan applications. She also relies on the marketing department to keep her supplied with fresh content and quality materials. Anita feels the people she works with at Norcom, from senior management on down, are truly wonderful and they make a sometimes stressful business very enjoyable.

By Night: The day does not typically end for Anita following traditional business hours and she often spends time at night speaking with clients when it’s more convenient for their schedules. She does make sure that there is always time to play with her dog, read, and exercise. Anita’s passion is travel, and she has visited over 30 countries! To Anita the most important person in her life is her son, Conor.

Spring Parties on a Budget

Apr 16
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Spring in New England has been slow to arrive, but that doesn’t mean the calendar isn’t full for the months ahead. Baby showers, bridal showers, family bbqs, graduation parties; they are all around the corner. If you are hosting any spring gathering, you know that the cost adds up quickly, so here are some great tips to save you some cash without skimping on the fun!

Create a Budget Friendly Menu:

We all want to impress our guests with the spread, but certain foods are just cheaper than others. Think of items where a little goes a long way, like pasta salads, potato salads, or less expensive items you can throw on the grill. For example, choosing bbq chicken over steaks or burgers. When it comes to snacks and apps, stick to the easy ones like large bowls of chips and salsa or chopped vegetables and dips. Nobody will care if there isn’t an impressive spread of artisan cheese.

Let Others Chip In: How many times have you hosted a party and your guests ask, “what can we bring?” And how many times have you replied, “nothing at all, we have it covered”? Don’t do this! People want to contribute to parties and you should always let them. Don’t be shy to ask somebody to bring a salad, or bring their favorite wine or beer. You’ll make them feel included and relaxed as your guest.

Choose the Right Serving Items: Depending on the type of party you are having, you might save money by using the glassware and real plates that you own. While the convenience of serving paper products is appealing, the cost can add up, not to mention the waste. Trust that adults can handle real glass for their drinks and real plates for their food. If kids are in the mix, maybe only get paper and plastic for them.

Time of Day: Let’s face it, afternoon parties are just more casual than evening parties. The expectation of food and drink is much more low key and you can get away with finger foods, and a lighter spread. Allow the laid-back vibe of an afternoon party to take the stress of your wallet.

Whatever tips you implement to save yourself money on your next party, just remember to have fun. The most important part of any gathering is spending time with family and friends. People will remember the good time they had, not what was served or what the decorations looked like.

Congratulations! You have closed on your new home and probably have a list a mile long of things you want to get done. While you might be tempted to dive into unpacking, these 5 tasks should be your top priority: 

  1. Change the Locks and Security System – the previous owners could have made copies of keys for family members, dog walkers, etc. so changing the locks will give you peace of mind. In addition, make sure any security systems are updated with your names, contact information and new codes. The code to automatic garage key pads should also be changed.  
  2. Change your address and register to vote – update your address with USPS to start receiving mail at your new home. You can also register to vote with in your new town. If there is an election within the first 60 days of your move, you can vote at your old polling location or mail in an absentee ballot.
  3. Register and License any pets – Some towns have a specific time of year when they push to have all pets licensed. However, if you can remember to take care of this and update the address on any ID tags, it will save you a headache and possibly a licensing fee later. If your pet is microchipped, don’t forget to update the address on file so your furry friend will be returned to you in case of an emergency.
  4. Change your License and Registration – Most states require you to update your license and registration within 30 days of a new move. Some DMV locations offer an online change of address service. If you’ve changed states, your car will need to be registered within 60 days.
  5. Update Insurance Policies and Bank Accounts – Insurance rates can vary depending on location, to make sure to update all insurance policies immediately after your move. Any other important accounts, including your bank account should be updated as well.

By Day: Miranda is the Branch Manager of our Belchertown, MA location and has been part of the Norcom family for 5 months. A typical day for Miranda requires her to wear many hats. As the Branch Manager she is constantly working to support her loan officers in their mission to deliver quality customer service. She has a pulse on marketing trends and works diligently to implement effect business development strategies for her team. Since joining Norcom she has gotten to know the entire Avon office and has loved every minute of working with them in partnership to run her branch effectively.

By Night: Despite her busy daily schedule, Miranda is committed to three things on a nightly basis; working out, cooking dinner, and cleaning her house. In the winter you can find her skiing, while in the summer she will enjoys long motorcycle rides. Her family is valued among all else and she love spending time with them whenever she can. Most people wouldn’t know that Miranda enjoys foraging in the woods for a variety of mushrooms, and considers it a great escape from the busy schedule she typically keeps.

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