Back to School House Organization

Aug 23
Category | General

Somehow, it’s that time of year again. If you live in a household with children, or if you are currently studying, there may be some ways to ease back into the school routine. We’ve rounded up five home organization ideas that could help you and your family stay on top of a routine and reduce stress! 

  1. Improve storage by the entryway to your home.  
    It is tempting to walk into your space after a long day and drop everything on the floor. But if you (and your kids) can take 60 seconds to put shoes into a bin or on a shoe rack, and hang up jackets, hats, backpacks, or briefcases, it will reduce clutter throughout the rest of the home. Plus, it will make getting ready the next morning much easier, which is essential in a busy household! If you have small children, you can color coordinate bins and hooks for each family member to help keep it fun and separate items. 

  1. Create a breakfast and/or snack bar or drawer.  
    In the mornings, for most working individuals or families, time is of the essence. For adults, a coffee and breakfast “station” means having a designated spot for your coffee maker, mugs (or likely thermoses for most!), breakfast bars, and fruit. This can streamline your morning routine and reduce the chance that you leave behind your morning cup of joe! For children who want an after-school snack, some families may decide to dedicate a lower cabinet drawer for snacks that are easily reachable. If you shop at a bulk store, it might be easier to stock up on some favorite shelf-stable snacks such as nuts, bars, or crackers. 

  1. Choose a designated homework spot.  
    Whether at the kitchen table or a desk, having a designated spot for daily homework can increase focus. This also helps make sure completed books or homework papers end up back in schoolbags for the next day. Avoid the temptation of working on the couch or bed and save those spots for when it is time to relax or sleep! 

  1. Organize your laundry.  
    Don’t waste time in the morning searching for that one shirt just to find it sitting in the dirty hamper. Figure out a laundry “schedule” that works for your family, whether that is doing all the whites, colors, and darks on separate nights of the week, or washing athletic clothes and work clothes on separate evenings. If you can, consider creating a “capsule” wardrobe of a few staple items that all work well together. By reducing the number of clothing items, you also reduce the amount of time you spend doing laundry! 

  1. Meal prep.  
    Many individuals have adopted this trend in the last few years as a way to stay on top of their healthy eating plans. But this method of cooking and storing portions of meals can work for a whole family too. Get the kids involved with prep on Sundays by making a whole week worth of lunches and dinners. Save time and money by making staple items such as brown rice that can be paired with beans and vegetables, fish, chicken, or added to salads. You can also make a larger batch of pasta and divide it into containers with several different types of sauces. Hard boiled eggs can also last for the week as snacks or on sandwiches and salads. Just don’t cut your avocados ahead of time, as they will be brown and unappetizing in the blink of an eye! 

If you or your family are getting ready to go back to school, knowing that you have a comfortable house to come home to is a great way to end every day! If something about your space just isn’t quite working with your school year needs, maybe it's time to think about remodeling a part of your home! Give a Norcom loan officer a call about a Renovation Loan.