Show Your Home Some TLC

Feb 12
Category | General

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. While you may be busy planning a three-course dinner or a rom-com movie marathon with your pals, don’t forget to show your home some TLC this season!

Redecorate in a small way

Has it been a while since you last made changes to your living space? You’d be surprised at what a difference small changes can make in your attitude towards your home. It might be simply adding a wreath to the front door or printing some new photos at CVS or Wal-Mart to swap into your tabletop picture frames. One fun idea, if you have an Instagram account, is to print out your favorite square photos from the last year and arrange them in a photo gallery on the wall! If you use a non-damaging adhesive, such as Command strips, you can always change out one image for a new favorite.

Buy a new houseplant

While roses are the ubiquitous symbol of Valentine’s day, opt for a potted rose bush this year instead of a bouquet of cut flowers! Depending on what you choose, you can keep the plant alive indoors for years to come or transplant it into your garden after the last frost. What a beautiful way to commemorate this holiday of love.

Invest in smart tech

Just as your loved ones occasionally want an upgraded smart phone or fitness tracker, so could your home. Refresh your home entertainment with a new Bluetooth music player for the kitchen or a surround-sound system for the living room. Or think outside the box, and protect your home with a new smart security system. You may even find some great deals this month if you look for President’s Day sales.

Rent a steam cleaner

Show some appreciation for your area rugs and carpets with a deep clean! Whether that means hiring a company or renting a steam cleaner, your rooms will be on their way to appearing brighter and rejuvenated after a good clean.

Purchase new towels

As we’ve blogged about before, a pop of color can make a big difference in your living space. If you have a discount home store in your area, you can find new bath and kitchen towels in an array of bright or calming colors. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, steer clear of holiday-themed towels with images and phrases, and opt for your favorite solid or patterned colors.


When you’ve finished these small home updates, plan a Galentine’s party or a candle-lit dinner date share your refreshed space with guests!