Summer is the season of fun, but a lot of the activities we typically enjoy can be a hassle. Even a fun beach day requires a lot of preparation, from exhausting packing everything you’ll need and hauling it in the hot sun to the potentially long drive and cost of parking. We’ve come up with 5 fun summer activities that you can enjoy without even leaving home.


1.) Make a Back Yard Water Park

Stock up on water guns, water balloons, slip ‘n slides, kid pools, anything that looks fun at your local store. Set up different water stations and activities and spend the day in your own back yard. Choose games and competitions that are age appropriate for your family and be sure to have lots of fun drinks and snacks on hand - and some towels!


2.) Create Your Own Movie Theater

Some days are just too hot to be outside but going to the movies can cost a lot. Create a fun atmosphere in your living room by blacking out the windows. Make sure there’s lots of candy and popcorn on hand and save money by renting a movie off of your TV or just re-watching some of your favorites.


3.) Camp Out

After a full day, set up your backyard for a camp out. Put up tents, build a fire for s’mores, and enjoy the night sky.


4.) Back Yard Olympics

Pull out whatever lawn games or board games you have and create different stations. Divide the family into teams, (bonus points for coordinating outfits!), and have a day of competitions. Come up with a fun prize for the winners and be sure to keep score!


5.) Tackle Home Projects

We typically get more time off in the summer which can provide an opportunity to get things done around the house. Take one home project you’ve been putting off and get it done. Take the opportunity to rearrange some furniture or gather things for a yard sale.


No matter how you spend your summer, make it a good one and enjoy!