Norcom Dream Home LoanTM FHA 203(k)

Sometimes, you need money to both purchase and improve a property. Norcom’s Dream Home Loan™ provides you with cash to pay for upgrades, home improvements or other repairs to the property you wish to buy. These “rehabilitation” loans – available as FHA 203(k) loans or through the Urban Rehabilitation Homeownership Mortgage Program – are offered through CHFA.

A Norcom Dream Home Loan™ can provide you with the resources to add a new bathroom, remodel the kitchen, make repairs to the roof, install new flooring, and more. If you are applying for a “rehabilitation” loan, the potential value of the repairs and/or alterations to the property will need to be taken into account before you get approval for the home loan. We can help you consider all the options in detail and guide you through the process.