In a New Home for the Holidays?

Nov 29
Category | General

Did you move this year? The holiday season is an exciting time of year, but it can also bring unforeseen stresses, especially for new homeowners. Fear not, here are several tips to make your new house feel like home for the holidays. 

  1. Make new traditions and keep the best of the old ones.  

If you used to hang your stockings or place your menorah in the same spot in your apartment each year, find a way to recreate these sentimental feelings in your new space and start a new tradition! Other holiday traditions to maintain, like baking the same sweets, listening to the same songs or watching the same holiday movies, can really make you feel at home. 

  1. Get acquainted with your new home. 

Take note of your outdoor power outlets to see if a new famous, outdoor lighting extravaganza is in your future. Maybe your old apartment had low ceilings, but your new home allows for new heights! Double check the room dimensions of your new house before purchasing a Christmas tree or festive décor so you can fill the space, and finally get that 8-foot-tall tree like Grandma always had. 

  1.  Learn about holiday activities in your neighborhood. 

If you moved to a new city, keep an eye out on social media or event boards for local holiday celebrations and wintertime activities. This is a great way to get to know your neighbors and discover something great about your new town! 

  1. Pick out a new holiday decoration. 

If your holiday decorations are still packed in moving boxes or storage, don’t fret! Picking out one new decoration is a special way to commemorate your first holiday season in your new home. There’s always time to locate your delicately bubble-wrapped decorations for next year!  

  1. Make it cozy! 

Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than being cozy and warm. Unpack your fluffy blankets, candles, warm slippers or anything else that makes you love spending time in your new, comfortable space.