Selling Your Home in the Winter

Dec 2
Category | General

Selling your home during the holiday season can be stressful, but it does have its advantages. Homebuyers will take the process a lot more seriously and competition won’t be as tough as in other seasons of the year because there aren’t as many houses on the marketing during the holidays or winter months.

Here are some tips to help you sell your home quickly and easily:

Since the holidays are here, most of us will have our homes decorated a little more with trees, wreaths, and garland. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the décor because it can overwhelm a buyer and might make them move onto another home. If there are too many distractions, your home will probably not sell as quickly as you hoped.

If your home feels welcoming, buyers will be willing to buy. Cold winter months along with the holidays is a perfect set up for making your home feel cozy and warm. This will attract buyers and help them picture themselves living in that home.

Find a real estate agent who will be available all throughout the holidays and will do anything they can to help you sell your home. You’ll feel less overwhelmed if the listing agent takes over the process and lets you enjoy your holidays without the stress.

During the winter months, those searching to buy a house are mainly doing it in the comfort of their own homes. When it’s cold out or even snowing, not many homebuyers want to go out and search for a home in person. Try to take photos that will impress a buyer online. Make these photos appeal to the buyer and if they see what they like online, they might make the trip out of their home to come see yours. It might even help if you made a video tour of your home. It’s simple and easy and it lets the borrower walk through your home without actually being there in person.

Your listing agent should be able to help you find buyers who are motivated to purchase a home this time of year. The best homebuyers to search for are college students, anyone relocating for a job, and even military personnel, if you happen to live near a military base.

If it’s that time of year where the leaves have fallen off of trees, your home is exactly what will be catching everyone’s eye. Try to keep up with maintenance around the home. Clean your gutters of any leaves and even paint the outside of your home if it needs to be updated. Also make sure your walkway and driveway are clear of snow or ice especially during those cold winter months.